September 15, 2022 Russia and Ukraine news

Pope Francis said Thursday that it may be morally acceptable to sell arms to Ukraine if they are used in self-defence.

“Self-defense is not only legitimate, but also an expression of love for our country,” Francis said during a press conference on board the plane returning from Kazakhstan.

Asked by a journalist whether it was right to sell arms to Ukraine, the Pope said: “It is a political decision. It can be morally acceptable if it is done morally.”

“It is unethical that this is done with the intent of provoking more war, or selling weapons, or getting rid of weapons that are no longer needed,” Francis said.

“Morality is determined by motive,” the Pope said.

Asked about Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, the pope said dialogue is important, “even if you have to hold out.”

“I do not rule out dialogue with any power at war, even if it is the aggressor,” the Pope said.

“It might smell like it, but one has to do it,” Francis said.

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