Smart Restaurant POS Systems: Revel . Systems

Friendly’s Restaurants has announced a new partnership with Revel Systems, a point of sale (POS) and business management platform. The new partnership will allow Friendly’s to take advantage of Revel Systems at more than 120 of its restaurant locations across the United States.

Revel Systems POS and business management platform allows restaurants to leverage advanced technology infrastructure to make large-scale changes more quickly. This means Friendly’s will be able to change its business practices based on consumer demands and market pressures when they rent out. Additionally, the business management platform features AI improvements that result in lower labor costs and higher revenue.

Revel Systems’ enterprise platform features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to operate by managers and workers unskilled in advanced technologies, adding to the service’s attractiveness. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with such a distinguished brand as Friendly’s Restaurants and play a key role as they continue to innovate across all aspects of their restaurant operations,” said Greg Dukatt, CEO of Revel Systems.

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