Smith Family cyberattack finds donors’ information compromised

The Smith Family, an Australian charity, has been hit by a cyberattack that may have allowed hackers to access donor information.

The charity said an unauthorized third party was trying to steal money from the Smith family using a team member’s email account before it was closed.

The Smith family believes the total number of affected individuals was just under 80,000.

“We moved quickly and failed,” CEO Doug Taylor said in a statement.

We immediately took steps to secure our systems.

Then we started investigating the incident and hired cyber security experts to understand what happened.”

The Smith family discovered that personal information about individual donors may have been accessed during the hack.

“Supporters’ personal information that may have been accessed includes a combination of names; a combination of phone number, address, and/or email address; information about whether donation payments were successfully processed or declined and the amount of the donation.”

The first and last numbers of the credit or debit cards used for the donation may also be affected.

“The Smith family can confirm that there are no middle ground, expiration date, or CVV numbers because the Smith family does not store this information in their systems,” Taylor said.

Personal identity documents such as passports or driver’s licenses are not used by the charity, so they have not been accessed by hackers.

The charity contacted the donors to advise them they may have been affected and apologized for “any inconvenience or stress” caused by the incident.

Originally published as The Smith family suffers a cyberattack as hacker tries to steal donors’ info

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