Snapshot: Glance Gaming is growing twice in three quarters; non-metro game players

Glance Gaming, part of consumer internet company Glance, has more than doubled its active user base in three quarters, according to its 2022 Glance Gaming Trends report.

The platform’s monthly active user base has reached 65 million as of October this year: more than 73% of those users belong to non-metro and 47% of those users are women.

The report stated that the number of monthly active users increased by 116%, from 30 million in January to 65 million in October.

“Women made up approximately 47% of Glance Gaming’s user base, while non-metro consumers made up 73% of the same base,” Yashasvi Takalapalli, vice president of Glance Gaming, told ET Wednesday. According to the report, older generations showed a greater inclination towards playing casual games, with 27% of users in the 45-54 age group, while 19% of users in the 55+ age group participate in this category of games.

Chess, brain test, basic defense, and tank battle are popular among strategy games, Takallapalli told ET, while in the puzzle category, Sudoku, maze, spot the difference, word bird, and math game are popular.

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On the other hand, users in the 18-24 age group showed a strong preference for watching live game broadcasts with around 47% of the live stream viewers coming from this age group.

The platform allows consumers to discover over 400 causal games, pro games, competitions and live game broadcasts, right on the lock screen of their Android smartphones.

The report stated that the convenience of playing these games without downloading them was a factor in its adoption, as it allows consumers to play games with minimal storage and data requirements.

In the past year, the platform’s library has grown to include more than 400 games across 15 categories, such as strategy, puzzle, arcade, simulation, casual, action, and shooter among others.

The report highlights that 30% of gamers enjoy strategy games making it the most popular category on the platform, followed by puzzle, arcade and simulation games at 15%, 12% and 11% respectively.

Among new users, 50% of them continue to engage with the platform even after six months, while among retained users, the platform saw 80% growth in its first month of retention.

Some of the best and most played games on the platform include Defend the Tank, Escape from Aztec, Swing Monkey, Jewels Block, Fruit Katana, and more.

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