Sony Pictures Networks: Rohit Gupta to retire from Sony Pictures Networks India

Rohit Gupta has resigned from his position as management consultant and board of directors of Sony Pictures Networks India (SPN), after spending more than 20 years with the organization.

As a media industry expert, Gupta has been advising senior management on key industry trends and developments and providing his expertise and support at key stages.

In his previous role, Gupta played a crucial role in contributing to the growth of the organization under various profiles including the position of Director of Revenue – Advertising Sales and International Business.

“Rohit is an industry expert who has not only witnessed the development of SPN, but the development of the media and entertainment industry over the past two decades,” said NP Singh, managing director and CEO of SPN. “Rohit is a comprehensive professional and expert, he has been a trusted advisor to management and board of directors. He has steered the revenue function towards excellence, resulting in superior performance by the organization even during unprecedented times. We wish him all the best in the next chapter of his life.”

Gupta was pivotal in driving the organization’s revenue streams through network sales and international business before moving into an advisory role on the Board of Directors in July 2021. With his deep understanding of the industry and sharp business acumen, he spearheaded a significant revenue expansion for the company.

“Having spent nearly two decades of my corporate life with SPN, the trip has left me with invaluable experience and memories that I will always cherish. It has been a pleasure working alongside NP under his able leadership, management in SPN and revenue function, and it was an absolute honor that I witness what the company has achieved in the past years to become the media giant it is today, Gupta said. “My heart swells with pride to see the next generation of enthusiastic and energetic SPN leaders. I hope NP and everyone else in SPN will be successful for the years to come.”

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