South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol was arrested for insulting US politicians with an open microphone | SBS News

South Korean President Yoon Seok-yeol got into trouble after insulting remarks about the United States were picked up on an open microphone.
Mr. Yoon, a political novice who took office on May 5, is in New York for the United Nations General Assembly and spoke Wednesday with US President Joe Biden during a photo opportunity at the Global Fund where the US President has just pledged US$6 billion ($9 billion) .

“How could Biden not lose his damn face if they didn’t pass him in Congress?” Mr. Yoon was then caught telling his aides in a video clip that went viral in South Korea.

A YouTube video of Mr Yoon’s comments garnered more than two million views just hours after it was posted, and the “f***ers” topic became the trending topic on Twitter in South Korea on Thursday.
“The president’s words and actions are the national dignity of the country,” wrote one commentator on YouTube.
Yoon’s blunt comments appeared to refer to Biden’s campaign to increase US funding for the Global Fund, which would require congressional approval.
The Global Fund focuses on fighting HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

The United States is South Korea’s main security ally, with Washington deploying about 27,000 troops in the country to help counter a nuclear-armed North Korea.

Mr. Yoon, the former attorney general, made what analysts describe as a series of unintended mistakes during his early months in office, usually the honeymoon period for new South Korean presidents.
At one point, his popularity rating fell to 24 percent, though it has since risen to 32 percent.
Polling data showed his predecessor, Moon Jae-in, enjoyed 70 percent approval at the same point in his term, and Yoon started working with 52 percent of people surveyed believing he is doing well.

The blunt comments come just days after Mr Yun’s office was forced to defend its decision to disrespect Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin, which is lying in the state, allegedly due to “traffic congestion”.

In August, he was also criticized for his chaotic official response to US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to South Korea, where she landed after a controversial layover in Taiwan.
Yoon’s critics were quick to exploit his alleged recent gaffes. Park Hong-kyun, the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, said that “Mr. Yoon’s foul language tainting the US Congress has caused a major diplomatic impasse.”

Yoon’s office told AFP it had no comment on the incident.

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