Sports helmets equipped with a loudspeaker: bh51m nso

LIVALL Riding, a Shenzhen, China-based smart helmet manufacturer, has announced the launch of “BH51M NSO” via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This smart helmet is the first sports helmet equipped with a premium built-in amplifier from JBL, the global manufacturer of high-quality audio devices.

In addition to simply displaying the loudspeaker, LIVALL states that the BH51M NSO can be operated in a completely hands-free manner, allowing passengers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road. The speaker is well suited for relaxing music or phone calls on the go, adding to everyone’s riding experience.

On top of incorporating high-quality speakers, the LIVALL Riding BH51M NSO Helmet features a host of smart features such as automatic fall detection, an “SOS Alert” function, auto on and off features, and an adjustable ergonomic fit for riders of different classes. sizes.

Image Credit: LIVALL Riding

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