Stages of the future: Stages of the future

Trend Hunter’s innovative YouTube e-learning series covers the three stages of the future in a four-part video unit. The unit explores the concept of futurism and the ways in which futurists take into account modern technology, scientific data, and the rate of innovation. Next, the video shows the ways in which the three phases of the future influence our world today, such as the field of modern fashion.

The three stages of the future are then described as deception, emergence, and assimilation. Beguiling deals with multisensation and physical interactions that take advantage of augmented reality, virtual reality, and other innovative technologies. For example, the video points to the Sensorial Merchandising vision report, which provides real-world examples of retailers integrating future-facing technology, such as virtual reality displays, holograms, and more.

The emergence fits with the huge trend of personalization, the trend to turn vague concepts and generalized ideas into tailored experiences and products for the end user. One example of personalization in The Emergence is the Personalized Mobile Insight report, which covers mobile phone systems that integrate personal elements, such as Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, or even Kasisto Virtual Banking Assistant.

For more information on The Three Phases of Futurism, see the free 2023 trend report from Trend Hunter.

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