Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane forecast: Qld wet weather; The scorching heat of the south and west

Up to a meter of rain may have fallen by midweek in some parts of coastal Queensland as January flooding continues.

Flooding and road closures are likely.

In fact, almost all of the country could see some heavy rain in the coming week.

But for the south and west, the scorching heat is the main weather concern with Adelaide and Perth nearing 40C, Melbourne not far away and Sydney finally looking to break 30C for the first time this summer.

And after that blast of heat, temperatures will drop by a maximum of 15°C from one day to the next.

The Weatherzone website stated: “Australia is in a dynamic position for summer weather this week, with flooding rain continuing in Queensland, dangerous thunderstorms replacing sweltering heat in the south, and an increased risk of tropical cyclones in the Coral Sea.”

Sky News Weather meteorologist Alison Osborne said Queensland was in focus as the “relentless rain is not over”.

Half a meter of rain fell over the weekend and more is due into the middle of the week in a row from Cairns to Rockhampton

“There is a constant supply of heavy rain zoning on that part of the Queensland coast like a laser beam,” said Ms Osborne.

“There is a good chance that at the end of this event, some weather stations will have gained more than 1 meter of precipitation.”

Cairns is looking forward to up to 80mm of rain through Thursday, Townsville could reach 100mm while Mackay could see 200mm on the gauge on Tuesday alone.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for the Central Coast and the Whitsundays region of Queensland with warnings of isolated fall of 300mm on Tuesday which could lead to life-threatening flash flooding.

However, by the time you get to Brisbane it will be a good dry week with only a drop of the wet stuff. Temperatures should hover around the 29C mark and possibly push 30C on Thursday with lows of 20C overnight.

Storms and rain possible at the summit with 10-15 mm most days and maybe 25 mm at the weekend. Darwin should see a week of highs of 32°C and lows of 25°C.

Punishing heat in the south, then temperatures drop

In the South, it’s all about the heat to start the week.

“It’s not a heatwave but it’s still hot. It will break between 35 and 40C in South Australia and western Victoria and also across inland New South Wales,” Ms Osborne said.

A cold front will then move across South Australia on Tuesday evening and Victoria on Wednesday.

It will be wet, windy and windy and temperatures will drop.

“It’s a big swing between Tuesday and Wednesday for parts of the Southeast; maximum temperatures will skew as much as 15 degrees.”

Adelaide will top out at 38C on Tuesday with a chance of a storm in the afternoon or evening as this great change arrives.

Overnight, expect a low of 18°C ​​and then a high of only 23°C on Wednesday with the possibility of a shower.

The rest of the week should be around mid twenties for Adelaide with a minimum of mid teens.

In northwest Victoria, Mildura will see up to 42C on a rainy Tuesday. But then it dropped significantly to 27°C for Wednesday.

Tuesday in Melbourne will be a high temperature of 36°C with the possibility of late showers. Then Wednesday it will be cloudy with a chance of a storm first thing. Temperatures will only rise to 23°C and 20°C.

It’s still cooler on Thursday at only 19°C but it should get warmer at the weekend.

Highs of 30°C in Hobart on Tuesday, then 22°C on Wednesday with up to 8mm of rain, and 18°C ​​on Thursday. Lower limits can only drop to 11°C first thing on Thursday in the Tasmanian capital.

Cooler in Devonport with 25C on Tuesday then running 20C. Wednesday may be wet.

Sydney could finally hit 30C

“For the NSW coast, this will also be your chance to see some real summer temperatures with Sydney topping out in the high 30s,” said Ms Osborne.

The best chance of a 30°C day in Sydney will be on a Wednesday which should see gorgeous blue skies. Tuesday’s high is expected to reach 28°C, but by Wednesday, the temperature has dropped to 24°C and up to 10mm of rain. The minimalist in Harbor City would be in the teens.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday in Canberra could be over 30°C with a chance of a storm in the middle of the week. This will then bring the mercury down to a maximum of 20°C on Thursday with some rain. The capital will witness its lowest level of 13 degrees Celsius at dawn this week.

For Perth, expect a mostly dry week with some scorching days just around the corner. Then it rises to 29°C on Tuesday to 32°C on Wednesday and may reach 38°C by the end of the week.

Maximums may not be below 30°C for at least a week from Wednesday onwards. It would be in the low to mid twenties.

Perth may miss the rain but some areas north and south of the city are possible. While the north of the state, around Broome, can see more pronounced wet weather.

Originally published as meters of rain possible for Queensland coast as very hot in south and west

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