Sydney weather: Australia hits a dangerous rain band in NSW, Qld and Victoria over a long weekend

Rainy and wild weather is expected to parade most Australians for the long weekend, with a “dangerous” batch of rain currently moving across the eastern states to bring rain into Saturday.

Eastern states can expect a humid end to the week, with promising indications that rain will lessen by Sunday.

New South Wales:

NSW has bore the brunt of the wilderness weather so far, with extensive 70mm of rain falling into the state before 9am on Thursday, dropping another 30-50mm over the course of the day.

A low-pressure basin is behind the “dangerous” flood, with numerous flood and severe weather warnings issued for northern rivers and parts of the central north coast, including Coffs Harbor and Byron Bay.

Meldrum, near Coffs Harbor, saw the highest level of rain, with 130 mm falling in the city, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Heavy rain falling on already saturated land has caused flooding, threatening communities from the New South Wales and Queensland borders to Wagga Wagga.

Heavy rain is expected to subside on Friday in New South Wales, with a few rain remaining on Saturday.

Dozens of flights have been canceled due to the weather, with thousands of Sydney residents trying to leave the city on National Day of Mourning.

Sydney Airport blamed bad weather and high winds for the disruption, with 45 departures and 41 incoming flights cancelled.

Wet weather is expected to continue to cool the mood in Sydney in the coming days, with a chance of 100 per cent rain on Friday, and 70 per cent on Saturday.

Pelicans fans will see sunny weather on Sunday to celebrate or tend their wounds after the NFL Final, with a forecast high of 20 degrees Celsius.


The Victorians face the prospect of a long weekend in the humid NFL Final, with rain showers to affect the state on Friday and possibly continuing into Saturday.

Melbourne residents should expect ‘wet, showery days’, but they won’t receive the deluge currently affecting NSW.

There is a “very high chance of a shower” on Friday according to the Bureau of Meteorology, with rain forecast of 1-3 mm and a maximum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius on Friday.

With a 40 percent chance of rain during the Grand Final, it might be a good idea for Melbourne to pack a raincoat, although BOM expects the rain gauges to fill no more than a millimeter.

The weather on Sunday is expected to be fairer, with a high of 19 degrees Celsius and only a 20 percent chance of rain.


Stormy weather has hit parts of Queensland as the same small basin that affects New South Wales rain in the southeast of the state.

However, things are expected to change this weekend as the rain heads south.

Brisbane residents will be able to enjoy warm and sunny weather with an expected high of 27°C on Saturday and Sunday.

South Australia

South Australia is set for a wonderful few days, having already experienced the wet weather affecting the eastern states.

Adelaide residents will have to put up with a little cloud but no showers on Friday and Saturday with temperatures reaching 18C.

That’s before the next weather system begins on Sunday when more rain will see up to 8mm of rain on Sunday and Monday.

Western part of Australia

Western Australians managed to escape the humid weather and settled into beautiful weather Thursday and Friday, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius.

Perth residents will have to put up with a “very high” chance of up to 10mm of rain on Saturday, but the rain is expected to drop by Sunday.

Originally published as ‘Dangerous’ Rain Squad to blanket Australia’s long weekend as wet weather hits eastern states

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