Syria says five soldiers have been killed in Israeli air strikes


Today, Saturday, the Syrian Ministry of Defense said that five Syrian soldiers were killed in Israeli air strikes targeting Damascus International Airport and other areas near the capital.

The ministry said Israel fired “bursts” from northeastern Israel’s Lake Tiberias, targeting the airport and several security checkpoints south of the capital.

She added that the Syrian air defenses shot down some missiles.

There was no immediate confirmation on whether the strike had affected the airport’s operations.

The Israeli military said it would not comment on foreign media reports.

The Israeli army has intensified its missile attacks on Syrian airports, saying the strikes are aimed at targeting Iranian forces and military assets and preventing Tehran from supplying weapons to its allies in Syria, which has been locked in a civil war since 2011 that has killed more. of 300,000 civilians.

An Israeli missile strike in the Damascus countryside around Damascus killed three Syrian soldiers last month. Air strikes in June left Damascus airport out of service for nearly two weeks.

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