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Getting Being in the film industry is challenging, and getting the chance to direct your own movie or series is much harder. While breaking into the industry can be difficult, the greats had to start somewhere. Every new filmmaker making a new movie or series has to experience uncertainty and uncertainty.

That’s exactly what it was like for Joshua Micheal, the 31-year-old content creator turned filmmaker. Joshua knew exactly what he wanted to do from a young age. He knew that making movies was something he had always wanted to pursue, as movies had always been his main source of entertainment.

“The Tamil film industry in Malaysia is still expanding, and it mainly consists of the same actors – and breaking into it as a young, inexperienced newcomer will be a difficult task. Therefore, I choose to first build up a certain amount of ‘face value’ with the audience – as the audience is already familiar with me, Before trying to break into a filmmaking career,” he explained.

Basically, that was the beginning of his career as a content creator. Slapstick comedy was one of the ways Joshua gained a following when he first started making videos to achieve popularity among Tamil-speaking viewers. But his huge success came when many of his videos were watched by South Indian viewers, which greatly increased his social media profile.

“Being a Tamil filmmaker, South India was the perfect place for me to pursue my passion for filmmaking. This is where I gradually changed from creating quick and entertaining films to a more cinematic video to appeal to a wider audience.”

As a Malaysian-Indian content creator, Joshua claims that one of his main goals is to show the public that, given enough time, anyone can turn their passion into a career. Having first only used his phone to record videos, he now shoots his films using state of the art cinematic equipment. He also believes that social media has the potential to be a great medium for creative expression.

He stated, “Long gone are the days when we considered films playing in theaters as ‘real content'”.

“Now that we have access to tools, cameras, and talent, we can create high-quality films that match the production value of films at a fraction of the cost.”

When asked about what motivated him to pursue a career in filmmaking, he said, “I spent most of my time watching movies and always respected the brains behind the screen – which then made me realize there was a director. The innovative brilliance of a filmmaker attracted me, and I knew it was something I wanted to achieve too.” “. Speaking about his latest series, Joshua said he came to the conclusion that 2022 was the greatest year to start shooting movies.

“I came up with the idea of ​​writing, directing, starring and creating a YouTube series called But Andha Dealing Enakku Pudichirukku (BADEP) to show that a social media content creator can also develop a quality web series that can compete with anything being streamed on the mainstream platform.” The show eventually became very popular with the viewers and received a lot of views on social media. Then Astro approached him with an offer to produce season 2 as a result.

For the first time ever, a Malaysian Tamil TV series, BADEP Season 2, was primarily filmed in Chennai, India. The aim of this endeavor was to establish Malaysian entertainment in Tamil internationally, and to show that Malaysia is capable of creating world-class international material.

Although Joshua admitted that the filming process in India was undoubtedly difficult due to the lack of time, logistics and budget they had to orchestrate, the effort was undoubtedly worth it when watching the series as a whole. “We are very excited to see it broadcast next year,” said the director. “We are now halfway through production, Malaysia [segment] It still has to be filmed.”

Joshua claims that observation and patience are the keys to his success. He said, “I spend a lot of time analyzing and consuming information from my colleagues as well as creating my own. I can learn what works and what doesn’t work by doing that. When it comes to creating content, patience is essential because not every video we create is a hit.” “.

He said he has encountered many “firsts” in the past two years. He has collaborated with some of the country’s biggest brands, including Netflix Malaysia and Milo Malaysia, and the web series he created was selected as one of five content producers by META to be highlighted as the Creators of Tomorrow in Malaysia.

I asked him what advice he would give his 18-year-old self, if he could go back in time. He said, “I would like to push him to be more proactive in pursuing his dreams. I would like him to study filmmaking in college and learn more about it before embarking on a career as a content producer.”

He also expressed his thanks to his late mother, who always believed in his ability to create, as well as to his fans for always supporting and encouraging him. He added that the reason he has achieved so much in the past several years is mostly due to the love shown for their work, and he hopes the upcoming TV series will make them proud.

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