Tanduay enters the Austrian market | V.G. Kapoag

Tanduay, a brand of Lucio Tan’s LT Group Inc. , with Weisshaus, a leading distributor of international spirits, to bring the home-grown brand to Austria.

Andreas Osler, managing director of Weisshaus, said the company sees “huge potential” for Tanduay in the Austrian market. Tanduay is the first Asian rum brand to enter the European country.

“In our experience, rum connoisseurs in Austria generally like to experiment and are constantly on the lookout for new rum. Asian rum, in particular, is currently very popular, as it is also seen as an expression of the Asian way of life and nightlife, which is very trendy.” in this country.”

Rum ranks second among spirits in Austria and is consumed more frequently than whiskey.

“Drinking rum is enjoyed at home and in bars and restaurants,” Osler said.

Tanduay President and COO Lucio Tan III said that the brand’s entry into more European countries is a new chapter in its 168-year history.

“It’s a great time for Tanduay as we bring rum made in the Philippines to more countries with a culture rich in spirits. With Weisshaus as our partner, we believe we will reach even more customers in Austria,” said Tan.

Osler said Tanduay Double Rum, one of the brand’s most award-winning products, impressed their team the most as they were surprised that no sugar was added during its production. “It could become a serious competitor to the leading brands in the premium rum segment in Austria. We see great potential in this rum for pure sipping vineyard status.”

The Tanduay Asian Rum Gold, Tanduay Asian Rum Silver, and Especia Spiced Rum, meanwhile, are for mixing with cocktails.

“They have what it takes to capture significant market shares from the leading rum brands,” Osler said.

He said the Weishauss will bring Tanduay to trade fairs where they can offer samples or hold tasting events and master classes.

“Among other things, we plan to offer Tanduay tasting samples in our shop. Given the excellent quality of Tanduay ram, we assume that the initial spark for Tanduay’s success will give after this preliminary stage.”

With its entry into Austria, Tanduay is introducing its products to more European countries. In the past two years, it has already entered the markets of Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Tanduay is also available in 11 US states and the territory of Guam, the United Arab Emirates, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

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