Teen killed because of conservative views – killer released on bail

In Biden’s America, you can walk free after killing people who oppose your liberal political views. A 41-year-old man named Shannon Joseph Brandt North Dakota is an innocent 18-year-old boy due to a “political controversy”. The killer recently paid a $50,000 bond and was released. As a reminder, those who simply protested on January 6 remain in prison. There is a possibility that Brandt will get out of prison after the trial, depending on the judge and jury.

The circumstances surrounding this case are awful. Brandt was driving a 2003 Ford Explorer SUV while drunk. He exchanged words with the teenage boy before he ran over him with his truck and fled the scene. He didn’t even check the boy and left him to die in an alley. Later he called the police to explain that he had to kill the boy. Brandt claimed that the teen was part of a Republican extremist group and felt threatened because he called for reinforcements. In fact, the teenage boy called his mother Because he was afraid that the drunk would chase after him in his truck. This was the last phone call he ever made.

Biden himself has given countless speeches about how Republican conservatives are the ultimate threat to America and democracy in general. Trump has been blamed for every politically motivated protest or arrest during his presidency. I have yet to read an article blaming Biden for inciting violence against his political opponents. Civil unrest is increasing. The leader of the “free world” encourages violence, and the legal system is turning a blind eye to the sharp rise in crime across the country. Politically motivated crimes will become more common as we enter the midterm elections where Biden has clearly identified and demonized the enemy – you.

When did illegal immigration become a republican issue?

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