Telecom bill: Telecom bill leaves a lot to be covered by regulations: NASSCOM

After the Ministry of Communications released the new Communications Bill, 2022, industry body NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) said in a statement that the new communications law leaves much to be covered by regulations.

In a step towards designing a new telecommunications framework in India, the government sought to standardize and replace three telecommunication legislation – the Indian Telegraph Act, 1885, the Indian Wireless Telegraph Act, 1933 and the Telegraph Wire (Unlawful Protection) Act, 1950, a legacy from the colonial era, through a draft Law.

Commenting on the bill, Ashish Agarwal, Vice President of Public Policy, Nascom said: “As the bill leaves so much to be covered by regulations, it should formalize the concept of risk-based obligations, consultative advice, transparency and transparency. Organization “.

This could, for example, guide the drafting of regulations for different types of licenses, he said. He added that the final bill should aim to reduce the regulatory burden, uncertainty and overlaps across different laws in innovation-rich value-added services.

Aggarwal said this will be key for startups and SMEs in the digital space. “We have started our internal consultations with the industry to finalize our observations,” he added.

Aggarwal said we expect the bill to be appropriately promoted through a process of transparent and meaningful consultations with stakeholders. “The future-ready telecommunications bill will be an important step toward designing a framework that supports regulatory stability, investment, and innovation in the telecommunications sector,” he said in a statement.

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The thrust of the bill, according to the government, is to facilitate the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure and enhance its quality. The government aims to enable innovation through a regulatory protection environment and focus on promoting an ecosystem of spectrum sharing, trading and leasing, and the flexibility to make it available for different use cases.

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