Thanksgiving dinner costs are up 20% this year

in 2021The average American household paid at least 14% more for Thanksgiving celebrations. in 2022, It is estimated that celebration costs will increase by 20%. The U.S. Farm Bureau noted that the average American household paid $46.90 in 2020 for Thanksgiving, which rose to $53.31 in 2021 before rising to $64.05 in 2022. This is a severe underestimation of costs, as it cannot Anyone ever afford to create Thanksgiving. A meal for a family for that small amount of money.

The survey was based on a shopping list of turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, butter roll, peas, cranberries, vegetable tray, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream, coffee, and milk. If the survey included ham, frozen green beans, and russet potatoes, the cost would rise to $81.30.

Turkey costs alone are up 21% from last year at an additional cost of $1.81 per pound. Each food item costs significantly more right down to a gallon of whole milk which now costs 16% more than last year. Filler mix is ​​up 69% this year at about $3.88. Canned pumpkin pie mix is ​​up 18%, pie crusts are up 26%, and whipped cream is up 26%. sweet potatoes (11%), vegetable trays (8%), and miscellaneous. Ingredients (20%) all cost significantly more. Those who live on the West Coast will pay the most ($71.37), followed by the Midwest ($64.26), the Northeast ($64.02), and the South ($58.42).

This is simply the cost of the necessities to prepare the meal. Most of them will spend more traveling to their destination because of the energy costs. Alcoholic drinks will add significantly to the budget, as will any specialty foods. Then, American consumers will be bombarded with Black Friday deals the next day, and don’t forget Cyber ​​Monday! Friday also happens to be Native American Heritage Day, and maybe we’ll have a day to honor the fallen United States as we know it today.

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