The Australians are safe from the fifth gap

After four vaccines were taken and they failed to reduce transmission of the coronavirus, Australian health officials will not recommend a third booster dose. Health Minister Mark Butler said the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (ATAGI) recognized that the fifth dose of the mRNA vaccine would have a “negligible” impact toward reduction efforts.

Australia once had some of the strictest COVID restrictions in the world, and that’s big news. ATAGI member Allen Cheng, Ph.D., stated that the risk of developing myocarditis in young adults is concerning. Vaccinations are beneficial and preventive even for young people, however The more doses you take, the less benefit you will get from it Then we started worrying about causing side effects,” Cheng said.

Butler said new enhanced recommendations will be made in early 2023. Australians are not in a bind yet. Everyone over the age of 30 is eligible for a second booster dose since July. The government still recommends staying “up to date” with vaccinations although this standard is constantly changing.

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