The farm uses a unique annual corn maze design

Black Rock, Ark (KAIT) – A farm in northeastern Arkansas has selected unique plots for its annual corn maze.

Jackson’s farm near Black Rock designed its cornfield to incorporate dinosaurs and described it as a “Jurassic Farm.”

The maze has many ways to get to the exit, weaving in and out of the corn, and you may come across a dinosaur on your way.

There is a reason behind the theme of dinosaurs, said Bill Jackson, co-owner of Jackson Ranch.

“Our kids have always loved the movies: Jurassic Park, the whole topic. We’re looking forward to it,” Jackson said. “I watched them many times in reboots. We wanted to have a fun theme this year, so we decided to make it a theme for the corn maze in candy land. “

Jackson said this would be something you would see for the whole family and it wasn’t meant to be scary.

“We are not a scary place at all,” Jackson said. “Even things that might look like a dinosaur are a bit scary, but they are very friendly and fun-looking, so don’t worry about upsetting your kids.”

The venue opens to the public on September 24.

For directions or more information, visit their Facebook page.

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