The Lancet joins the fake news crowd?

Suspension: I think fake news is global and it definitely seems to be some kind of international manipulation of society. Here in Germany, it could be worse than it is across the pond. We have fake news about COVID, we are now hiding the vaccine injury crisis. The press has its own agenda. I think they are like the North Korean army. They get free food so they lie and persecute everyone else.

I don’t see that ever changing. you are right. We simply have to crash and burn because these people will never reach the truth. It always comes down to them against us. You are the legend and you paid the price for this title.

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PS Dubai may be the one place we can all meet again. think about it!

As pointed out by Norman Fenton and Martin Neal, scalpel He seems to have lost his reputation for independence and has joined the crowd on COVID and fake news. As they point out in this article, on May 6th, 2021, “The Lancet published a grossly flawed study on the effectiveness of the Pfizer Covid vaccine on the population of Israel, claiming it to be 95% effective.” Then on May 17, 2021, Fenton and Neil quickly responded with a 250-word letter explaining why the study was flawed. LANCET refused to even publish their letter to the editor.

I did not get vaccinated Because I have worked with governments all over the world. I have been called into every crisis since 1985 Because I understand the game, it’s all about words. Once the government started pushing COVID vaccines and shutting down the world, seeing how politics worked, I decided to get vaccinated and refused to be vaccinated for One main reason! Once the government crossed that line and became authoritarian with COVID, I knew there would be NStart have no accountability whatsoever. Now that people are seriously injured from these vaccines, the government will continue to call it a conspiracy theory because it will Start He admits he was wrong or that he was bribed.

I was Start Anti-fax. My kids got all the normal vaccinations. Occasionally, I’ve been getting a flu shot. I know someone who thought he had the flu and they gave him a COVID vaccine and he became seriously ill. A lawyer I know took the vaccine so he could travel, he developed blood clots, and now he can’t fly. Now that the elite are flying to Davos, they just want it pilots who were Not to feed.

Society’s major medical industry has failed. My doctor retired and a new, younger doctor took over his office. He asked me if I had been vaccinated. I answered resoundingly – number! answered Hassan!. I suggest if your doctor only follows the crowd and the government, get someone else.

“The panic cycle and the deep state

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