The leader of a Turkish group was sentenced to 8,658 years in prison: What crimes did he commit?

the main points
  • It is understood that Adnan Oktar was the leader of a religious sect.
  • He hosted television shows surrounded by scantily clad women he called “kittens”.
  • Oktar was found guilty of several counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse of minors, among other crimes.
This article contains references to sexual assault.
A Turkish man has been sentenced to nearly 9,000 years in prison for crimes he committed under what prosecutors have described as a religious cult.
Adnan Oktar was originally sentenced to 1,075 years in prison for crimes including sexual assault, sexual abuse of minors, fraud, and attempted political and military espionage.
However, this ruling was overturned by a higher court and a retrial was held.
After that, the Supreme Criminal Court in Istanbul sentenced Oktar to 8,658 years in prison on numerous charges, including sexual assault and depriving a person of his liberty, according to the Anadolu News Agency.

Understandably, the reason for Oktar’s huge punishment was that he was also punished for the crimes committed by his disciples.

Adnan Oktar, pictured in 2007, wrote his book on creation under the pseudonym Harun Yahya. source: GT / Patrick Robert – Corbis

The longest prison sentence in the world?

While specific jurisdictions and judicial systems in some countries allow multiple sentences to be carried out “concurrently”, this was not the case in Oktar’s ruling.
With such a heavy prison sentence, he would almost certainly die in prison.
Turkish media said that this is not the longest sentence handed down in the country, as it was said that the same court had previously issued a prison sentence of 9,803 years.
Among the world’s longest prison sentences handed down worldwide was that of Oklahoma bomber accomplice Terry Nichols who was sentenced to 161 life sentences and 9,300 years without parole in the US. Thai woman Chamoy Thipiasu was sentenced to 141,078 years in prison for her role in a pyramid scheme.

Surrounded by women, Oktar hosted Internet and cable TV shows, dressed elegantly.

The 66-year-old Muslim advocated moral and conservative values. He referred to the scantily clad women who were part of the shows as “kittens”.
Oktar gained notoriety for his programs on the internet TV channel A9, and religious leaders in Turkey regularly denounced him.
Throughout the 1980s, Oktar built his circle of worshipers, with his followers known as the “Adnanites”.

In the 1990s he was part of the group that formed what they called the “Foundation for Scientific Research” which claimed to scientifically refute Darwinism.

He wrote a book under the pseudonym Harun Yahya entitled “Atlas of Creation”. Released in 2006, the book argued that Darwin’s theory of evolution was the root of global terrorism.
Scholars said the ideas he presented in the book failed to pass basic scientific scrutiny.

That didn’t stop Oktar from sending thousands of unsolicited copies to French schools, as well as educational institutions around the world in 2007.

A handcuffed man being led away by police officers.

Adnan Oktar was arrested in 2018. source: GT / Anadolu Agency

His TV career started around 2011 and it was in 2018 when his house was raided and he got arrested.

Police said at the time that his arrest was part of an investigation by the city’s financial crimes unit.
Turkish media reported that the police found 69,000 contraceptive pills in his home when he was raided. During his trial, Oktar indicated that they were used to treat skin disorders and menstrual disorders.
He denied allegations of sexual abuse, claiming that he had “nearly 1,000 girlfriends” and had “an excess of love for women”.
If you or someone you know has been affected by sexual assault, call 1800RESPECT on 1-800-737-732 or visit . In an emergency, call 000.

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