The magpie attack on the camera as the season of pounce begins

A New South Wales man has discovered the difficult path of magpie pounce season.

Michael Murdoch was forced to move away from the bunker after a particularly persistent magpie pounced on him near his home in Raymond Terrace on September 17.

“It was like Donkey Kong; I started screaming and running. He told 7 News.

Unfortunately for Mr. Murdoch, his friends pulled out their cameras to capture the attack, while laughing at his attempts to escape from the bird.

After he fell to the ground several times, cuts and scrapes were left on him to match his ego.

Ironically, Mr. Murdoch was bragging to his colleagues, just moments before the attack from above, that he had never been pounced.

“I’ve never been pounced on by a magpie. I thought they were friendly,” Murdoch said.

Now he says he is afraid of birds after the attack, and he no longer walks the streets without fear.

“I can tell you one thing,” he said, “I am afraid of them now.”

With the season of pounce upon us, Australians are being warned to keep their eyes peeled for magpies.

Male magpies attack anything they see as a threat while their nest mates are looking after eggs or young birds.

If you know you live near a magpie nest, experts recommend changing your travel routes so you are out of danger.

But if you’re pounced, there’s one seemingly counter-intuitive tip that can prevent the attack from getting worse.

“Don’t be aggressive. If you wave your arms or scream, magpies will see you as a threat to the nest – not just this year, but for up to five years to come,” the South Australian government has warned residents.

Originally published as Terrifying Magpie Attack Captured on Camera Amid Pounce Season

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