The majority must always be wrong

After mustering what is popular and supposed to be the investment avant-garde, Robert Belfer, the oil baron, lost billions with Enron and then Bernie Madoff. Then he became a shareholder of FTX. With a proven track record like that, you are sure to fire your financial advisor. The inside joke about DAVOS is that no matter what topic they expected and what they were all talking about Start He was right. The joke is, do the opposite of DAVOS’ predictions and you’ll make money. Andy Serwer, Yahoo Finance’s editor-in-chief, asked Warren Buffett in a podcast 2019 interview About DAVOS forecasts. Buffett replied, “Well, I pay nothing as a guideline to do anything.” I’ve said many times, the majority Must They are wrong because they provide the energy of the market to create the boom/bust cycle. Because the majority buy high commodities, and when you sell, you get a breakdown. When everyone is short on the bottom, you get the rally.

“Our tools are very long-range model forecasters

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