The newest Oreo cookie is filled with Oreos

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In the past, Oreo has partnered with Lady Gaga, Pokémon, and Ritz in new, limited-time flavors. Now, she’s working with… herself. and Martha Stewart.

The cookie brand’s latest limited edition cookie is an Oreo stuffed with Oreos.

The cookie is called “Most Stuff Oreo,” and it’s made with the usual chocolate chips, stuffed (to the most “most stuffy”) with cream containing Oreo pieces mixed in, for an over-the-top cookie experience. The flavor is available for pre-sale through Oreo’s website starting Tuesday, and will hit shelves at major retailers nationwide starting Jan. 30 at a suggested retail price of $4.99.

The packages come with a QR code that allows buyers to access online games and chances to win prizes in the so-called Oreoverse – Oreo’s entry into the metaverse, a virtual space where people interact through avatars. Those with VR headsets can use them to access the Oreoverse. Others can just use their phones or computers.

For brands, the metaverse is a whole new way to reach young customers, and Oreo isn’t the only brand trying to market to people who are using new spaces on the internet.

Coca-Cola (KO) has paired high-concept, limited-edition flavors like Starlight, Byte, and Dreamworld with online experiences including virtual concerts, digital costumes, and custom venues within video games like Fortnite. Kraft Heinz (KHC) has placed Lunchable logos in Roblox, and Heinz-sponsored rest areas in Call of Duty.

Oreo sees it as a new way to reach and interact with consumers.

Martha Stewart with the most crunchy Oreo.

“We love creating new opportunities for our fans to connect with each other,” Julia Rosenblum, Oreo Senior Brand Manager, said in a statement announcing the new flavor, noting, “We are so excited to enter the metaverse!”

To help launch the Oreoverse, Oreo enlisted Martha Stewart and Ryan McCallister, her gardeners and quarantine friend. On Monday, Stewart and McCallister will be sharing their Oreoverse experience on Oreo’s social media channels.

Stewart also recently partnered with Tito’s Handmade Vodka on a tongue-in-cheek campaign offering those watching a dry January other ways to take advantage of vodka, put a splash (or two) in marinara sauce or deodorize stinky shoes.

— CNN’s Jordan Valensky contributed to this report.

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