The Paris Olympic mascots were made in China, which drew criticism in France

Mascots for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics will be made mostly in China, although the symbols are a point of pride for France, and have now come under fire at a time of concern about the countries’ reliance on the world’s second largest economy. .

Phryges stuffed hats – soft hats with a smiley red face – are manufactured by French companies Gipsy Toys and Doudou et Compagnie. They use fabric that was developed in the French region of Brittany, but the toys are mainly made in China. Only about 8% of the mascot will be made in France.

French government spokesman Olivier Ferrand said the mascot industry in China was due to a “structural problem”.

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Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic mascots, right, and a Phrygian hat, jump during a preview in Saint-Denis, outside Paris. The soft bright red hat, also known as the liberty hat, is an updated version of the conical hat worn in ancient times in places such as Persia, the Balkans, Thrace, Dacia and Phrygia, where the name originates, in modern Turkey.

“I love, and we are fighting for it, that in France we will be able to have enough raw materials and textile factories to make two million stuffed animals in a few months,” he told France 2 television. “The fact is that today we do not know how to do it.”

He added that the government was trying to relocate French companies that produce in China in an effort to ensure that “that, tomorrow, we will be able to produce what we no longer know how to produce today.”

Summer Games organizers said they focused on selecting a mascot that was “perfect” as opposed to an animal or creature.

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The Phrygian hat is an updated version of a conical hat that was worn in ancient times in places like Persia, the Balkans, Thrace, Dacia and Phrygia, which is the place in modern Turkey where the name originates. It later became a symbol of the pursuit of freedom in the French Revolution.

The Paris Olympics are scheduled to take place from July to August 2024 and the Paralympics will be held in August and September. Sales of amulets went on sale on Tuesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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