The Pope delivers a speech in Nur-Sultan on a visit to Kazakhstan

The exhibition grounds in Nur-Sultan were the scene of a mass held by Pope Francis during his papal visit to Kazakhstan.

The Muslim-majority country is home to a small Catholic community of about 125,000 Christians, with 7,000 communities in the square of the Kazakh capital.

“This is a wonderful event for every Catholic. Pope Francis’ visit fuels energy for our faith,” said Anna Pinker, a resident of Nur-Sultan.

The head of the Catholic Church addressed words to commemorate “beloved Ukraine” and efforts to achieve peace: “What should happen, how many deaths should we expect?” Asked.

During his address to the Conference of World Leaders and Religious Traditions, he also spoke for peace.

“Let us commit ourselves more and insist on the necessity of resolving conflicts not by means of indecisive force, with weapons and threats, but by the only means blessed by heaven and worthy of man: encounter, dialogue and patient negotiation.”

The Pope’s visit ends on Thursday. He was unable to meet face to face with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill after the cancellation by Kirill. Relations between the two leaders were strained over the Russian Orthodox’ public support for the invasion of Ukraine.

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