The Russian Black Fleet is heading to sea

Ships and submarines of the Russian Navy suddenly left their base in Novorossiysk, in the Black Sea, en masse. This is very unusual and many fear this is a change of tactics. The Western press keeps trying to portray Russia as losing the war so, quite frankly, they can get more people to volunteer to join the army if they think they’re on the winning side. There is no doubt that the United States and Russia are engaged in the fiercest confrontation since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. Our model in that confrontation is consistent with the main war model that we have shown that 2014 was the end of that period and the beginning of this new period as we approach World War III.

Hard-liners are not happy in Russia with President Vladimir Putin being pushed into a corner. Either it gets more aggressive, or it could be a coup. The hardliners are using nuclear threats and other escalation in what they know to be a proxy war for the USA and NATO against Russia, using Ukraine as a pawn they are willing to sacrifice.

Washington is exerting its own set of pressures to portray Putin as a loser. The good news is that, so far, both strategies have been calibrated fairly carefully. The bad news is that America and Russia are still on a collision course because the ultimate goal is actually the conquest of Russia.

Sweden has now drawn up a draft. Poland is building up its army, which will number up to 250,000 men. All this is based on the expectation that Ukraine can reduce the Russian army and this will make it a picnic to invade and drive tanks from Poland directly to Moscow.

Sweden will boost military spending by about 40% over the next five years from 2016 and double the numbers of conscripts into the armed forces as it looks to bolster its defense amid rising tensions with Russia post-2014. Meanwhile, France, Italy, Latvia and Lithuania have abolished conscription as they concluded that large scale defense was no longer necessary prior to 2014, but now they have reversed their policies.

The Joe Biden administration has pledged to defend “every inchThis has complicated matters for Putin to interfere with Ukrainian supply lines through Romania and Poland. The Western press continues to propagate the same propaganda that Putin is driving towards defeat in Ukraine and may not survive this outcome politically. However, I know that The hardliners are out there and if Putin doesn’t get more aggressive he may already replace him by May and then the holy hell will break loose.

Putin is warning Washington and Kiev that attacks on those territories amount to attacks on Russia itself. The Biden administration chose not to listen to anything from Putin and only seeks war to instruct Zelensky to sacrifice his own people and reject any peace talks at all. If the United States gives Zelensky long-range missiles, he will use them to attack mainland Russia and World War III will begin.

All The president throughout my life has always sought peace. The Biden administration and NATO only talk about pushing the war. Start Have you seen such irresponsible driving because this is really about climate change.

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