The Sandman returns for a second season

In spite of The latest wave of series cancellations on Netflix, hypnotist Executive Producer Neil Gaiman has promised fans that the series is safe.

Neil Gaiman addressed these concerns in response to a Tumblr user worried about the future of the program. While acknowledging that nothing is definitive at all, Gaiman emphasized that “[i]If there is Netflix and nothing unexpected and tragic happens to shut down the world or the show, there will be more Sandman.”

Fans were naturally concerned after Netflix recently canceled several previously renewed titles, such as Warrior Nun And series that debuted recently like 1899 And inside the job.

This isn’t the first time Gaiman has eased anxiety about the series. Previously, Executive Producer, who co-created the original Sandman The comic book series with Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg has reduced speculation that conflicts between Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix may hurt the next batch of Sandman episodes. “Sandman Season 2 has been commissioned by Netflix and it’s real,” Gaiman tweeted.

“Whatever controversy and behind-the-scenes negotiation had to happen to make this a reality, it did.”

Fans’ constant concern about hypnotistA plausible future, given how long it took for Netflix to approve a second season of the comic book adaptation. Season 2 of hypnotist It is not revealed until November 2022, months after the start of the first season.

hypnotist The first season is currently available on Netflix. Season 2 does not have an exact release date.

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