The victims and “heroes” of the LGBT Club of America shooting have been identified

Mourners gathered on Monday to commemorate those killed in a horrific attack on a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with more information about the victims and alleged perpetrators — as well as the “heroes” who helped stop the bloodshed. – He appears.

Club Q in Colorado Springs has been a haven for the city’s queer community for more than two decades. But on Saturday night, the safety she had tirelessly offered to attendees was brutally breached after a gunman — suspected to be 22-year-old Anderson Lee Aldrich — entered the building and opened fire, killing five people and wounding as many as 19 others. A particular motive, or lack thereof, still needs to be formally proven, though some are already calling it a homophobic crime.

The shooter’s victims have been identified. They are: Kelly Loving, 40, a trans woman who was visiting Colorado Springs for the weekend. Daniel Aston, 28, bartender at Club Q, was lovingly nicknamed “Master of Silly Business” for his entertaining performances; Derek Rump, 38, another bartender who has been described by clubgoers as the “essential” to his nightclub and life; Raymond Green Vance, a 22-year-old Colorado Springs resident, had just landed his first proper job and was visiting a bar with his girlfriend; and Ashley Bowe, 35, a wife and mother of five who was in town to see a comedian.

Other information also emerged about two men who helped thwart the gunman and reduce the impact of the shooting, who were widely hailed as “heroes”. Richard Fierro, the father of Vance’s girlfriend and a 45-year veteran, disarmed the shooter, while Thomas James assisted him.

“Their exact actions are part of the investigation, so we cannot discuss the details out of respect for the judicial process, but with their permission, we want to acknowledge their heroic actions,” the Colorado Springs Police Department tweeted, identifying both. and a tribute to Fierro and James.

Since the attack, a makeshift memorial has appeared near the nightclub, where mourners have gathered to pray, leave flowers, and comfort one another. More vigils are planned this week across Colorado.

In response to the attack, US President Joe Biden issued a statement acknowledging the “horrific hate violence” the country’s LGBTQ community has faced in recent years, and decrying how “no other community in America is devoid of[d] Torn apart by gun violence.”

The Colorado Springs nightclub shooting stands as one of a series of gun attacks targeting the LGBT community in the United States. The deadliest to date occurred at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016, resulting in 49 deaths.

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