The West must abandon Ukraine and impose peace

Zelensky is trying to pressure Poland into declaring that it is a Russian missile because Ukraine is losing the war despite all the fake news he has been promoting. Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Arkadiusz Molarczyk said in an interview with Radio 24:There was a lot of pressureAnd he stressed that if he was Russian, “This would have set in motion new dynamics in the country and around the world.” Meanwhile, Joe Biden has stated that the missile that fell in Poland was Ukrainian and Zelensky’s comments do not rise to the level of evidence as NATO and Poland conclude that the missile may have been a stray fired by Ukrainian air defenses.

The Polish politician, Jaroslav Pakula, has come out and said that Poland should reconsider its stance on the conflict in Ukraine yet “excitement” From Kyiv that claimed the lives of two villagers. Pakula said the missile that hit Przyodo was clearly Ukrainian and that the government in Warsaw should send a message to Kyiv instead of saying it. “fairy tales” to its citizens.

Iman Zelensky He warned his people of the invasion he claims may have triggered a financial panic. Meanwhile, Zelensky refused American warning That he was pushing Russia to invade. This raised serious questions about the insider trading of capital flows that were showing the outflow of money from Ukraine. Many now suspect that Zelensky made a fortune by not telling his people until the world was shocked and this was the ultimate outright deliberation that warrants an international investigation. This guy puts money before his own while He hides it outside As the Panama Document affirms, it refuses to negotiate or respect Minsk agreement Because fools would stop sending money to his government and the well would dry up fast. He recklessly and without reason took advantage of the death of his people. If there’s a true war criminal profiting from the dead – you’re looking at it.

Zelensky used the virtual invasion of Ukraine’s national debt promising to pay tribute in 2024 when he defeated Russia. The currency collapsed from 8 to 37:1 and entered the stage of hyperinflation despite billions of dollars flowing into Ukraine because it will not go to the people or the economy at all. He even asked the United States to pay all pensions of government employees in Ukraine.

Zelensky is a war criminal and the West Should I stop all support for him. Ukraine should just hand over Donbass as stipulated in the Minsk agreement – the Russian people there have the right to be independent, the right to their own language, and certainly the right to freedom of religion – no one Which Zelensky will respect under his criminal regime hides money abroad and keeps his fortune in dollars because he knows he is destroying his country all to emerge as a billionaire in the Bahamas with FTX.

Zelensky is supposed to be sponsored by the NY Times along with Yellen, Zuckerberg, Larry Fink, and SBF from FTX. Allegedly, these people are very anti-American and socialist because it turns out that FTX was funding anti-Ivermectin Studies that were all fake to inflate COVID and destroy our economy. Zelensky is a scam not unlike SBF.

He was elected promising to end corruption and make peace with Russia. He lined his pockets, washed his hands in the blood of his people, and used the Hillary RussiaGate scam to extort billions from the West.

Zelensky the liar – history will remember him like Hitler

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