The world’s first Arab female astronaut to join the SpaceX mission

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Saudi Arabia’s mission to the International Space Station next year aboard a SpaceX capsule will include a woman who will become the world’s first Arab astronaut, according to the US company Axiom Space, which organizes the mission to the kingdom.

Neither Axiom nor the Saudi government has provided the name of the astronaut, who will be accompanied by another Saudi woman and two Americans as part of Axiom’s second special mission to the space station, scheduled for early 2023.

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Saudi Arabia plans to go to the International Space Station next year with the world’s first Arab female astronaut.
(Joe Riddell/Getty Images)

A US official familiar with the mission said that the passengers of the Ax-2 have not yet received approval from a NASA-chaired panel of the space station’s international partners. The identities of astronauts are not usually publicly confirmed until this committee has provided approval.

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Reuters first reported Axiom’s deal with Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, and that the mission is slated for early 2023 under an agreement signed earlier this year.

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