what! Stealing is the action comedy by director Matt Lai and directed by Singapore and Malaysian comedians Mark Lee and Jack Lim. The film is a collaboration between the two countries in the upcoming Chinese New Year period. Famous ASEAN stars starring in the film include Patricia Mok, Jasper Lai, Zhou Haoren, Jan Mei Yan, Yuan Teng, Henry Thea and Ahireen Ahiruddin. , and Grace Teo.

The crime comedy revolves around a criminal named The Godfather (Lim) who broke out of prison to complete a mission given to him by his boss, Big Boss (Thea). The mission involves a lottery robbery where they exchange lottery balls to win the jackpot, a $100 million USD prize.

After enlisting an unsuspecting actor (Lee) desperate for money to help his sick daughter, they set to work on their grand plan.

As they work things out step by step, it soon becomes clear that the Godfather is planning to kill everyone involved after the job is done. The Godfather and his new team must now plan to save their lives and keep the money for themselves.

The movie is a parody of the Netflix series Stealing money, but only superficially. For example, The Godfather is clearly the understudy for the Professor, and Ahirine plays the character named Bangkok.

Other than that, the plot of the story is original and was written by Lai, who plays the goofy sidekick YaGood in the movie.

The film is presented by ecoBrown and Chek Hup, with co-sponsors NewMe Live and OLOIYA, and distributed by GSC Movies. This movie is supported by many sponsors, with promotion partners such as Petron and AEON Mall.

In the movie, sponsors were clearly involved, and some would say it felt like a long ad.

Director Lai wasn’t meticulous with product placement either, overly combining productions in different parts of the film.

Fortunately, audiences seemed to be able to overlook this element for the sake of humor.

Even though the humor in the movie isn’t my sweet fun, I really enjoyed the funny chemistry between the two actors during the press conference.

However, I think it might be worth watching the movie with your family during Chinese New Year if they are looking for a fun movie.

Catch the movie in theaters scheduled for release before Chinese New Year on January 19, 2023.

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