‘There’s Seriously Something Out There’: Creepy Entity Mimics Team ‘From Destination’

“Destination Fear” returns for its fourth season – and the opening episode features an unsettling encounter in an abandoned hospital and prison with a supposed entity that can imitate voices.

An exclusive clip shared with HuffPost (above) ahead of Friday’s debut shows just how certain musical notes can freak everyone out.

The two-part season opener was filmed during a night inside the Cresson Sanatorium and Prison in Pennsylvania.

As the team (Dakota Laden, Chelsea Laden, Tanner Weisman, and Alex Schroeder) explore a tunnel, they hear the sound of the jukebox they used earlier in the episode, but they are not in the corridor with them at the time.

“There is something dangerous out there,” Laden says in the video.

Cresson opened as a sanitarium over a century ago and was converted into a mental health facility in the 1950s, then finally a prison in the 1980s before closing in 2013.

The facility is now used by a hydroponic farm, which also offers paranormal tours – including nocturnal ghost tours for people to seek out the facility’s famous permanent residents. One of them, the “Destination Fear” team found, is known to mimic the voices of visitors and other people.

The jukebox moment wasn’t the only time they faced off in the episode.

The first part of the episode on Cresson airs on Fridays, with the second part arriving on December 2. Both will also air on Discovery+.

This season includes overnight stays at supposedly haunted locations such as the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California; the historic Old Harriman Hospital in Tennessee; and Ohio Defiance Junior High School.

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