These are the voices behind the World Cup song that football fans will hear again and again

the main points
  • The song “Haya” is about celebration.
  • As a singer in Qatar, Aisha is somewhat of a pioneer.
  • Davido is the first African artist to sing an official World Cup song.
Australian football fans may not know these three faces but they will soon know their voices very well.
Performers Aicha, Trinidad Cardona and Davido collaborated to create one of the songs The soundtrack that has already become familiar to those who traveled to the country for the event.

Three songs were created for the tournament, with one song being released in two different versions – Arabic, French and Spanish.

Hayya Hayya (Better Together) was the first single to be released.
The catchy tone is likely to be part of World Cup broadcasts and advertising campaigns and is associated with the round ball game.
Aisha is the only one of the three singers and she is Qatari. She said “Hayya Hayya” loosely translates to “Let’s go” and is a party song.
Aisha said she was able to inspire young girls and other women through her music. She told Al Jazeera that she felt she had a mission, “It’s not an easy one, even though I get a lot of support.”
“I’m still doing something different, I’m still breaking ground but being that intro to other women makes it all worth it.”
Qatar has a guardian system that often denies women the right to make decisions about their lives. Human Rights Watch found that women in Qatar must obtain permission from their male guardians to marry, work in many government jobs, travel abroad up to a certain age, and access some forms of reproductive health care.
Trinidad Cardona, Mexican-American, resides in the United States.

It is reported that his father went to prison when he was young, and he was subsequently raised by his mother.

Davido, who is Nigerian-American, also sings on Hayya Hayya. He is the first Nigerian singer to appear in a FIFA World Cup song.
The trio’s song, released earlier in the year, has already been listened to millions of times online and could become a global hit like the official songs from previous sessions.
Ricky Martin’s 1998 World Cup song “Cup of Life” is perhaps the most famous of all the FIFA World Cup songs, topping the charts in more than 30 countries after its release.
Other artists who have created songs related to the world’s biggest sporting event are pop stars Jennifer Lopez, Anastacia and Shakira, and rapper Pitbull.
Shakira is among the artists who have said they will not attend the 2022 World Cup due to… .

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