‘They’re trying to use George Floyd for me’: Teacher and cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder killed by LAPD

ive here. The Los Angeles Police Department has a very long and bad relationship with the community, particularly the black community. Although this story suggests that the suspect decided to leave the scene of a car accident, the police had him on the ground and completely under their control when they bludgeoned him to death. This is execution pure and simple. I wish it were the police officers who did this rot.

By Jake Johnson, writer for Common Dreams. Originally published in Common Dreams

Harrowing video released this week shows officers from the Los Angeles Police Department forcibly restraining and repeatedly using an electric shock on 31-year-old Kenan Anderson — a high school teacher and cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrice Collors — after he was involved in a traffic accident.

Shortly afterwards, Anderson was taken to a local hospital where he suffered a heart attack and died.

Footage of the incident shows one LAPD officer holding Anderson with an elbow on his neck while another, wielding a taser, yells for Anderson to turn him in.

“I can’t,” Anderson says, struggling to breathe. “They are trying to frame me for George Floyd.”

Seconds later, one of the officers used the Taser on Anderson several times as he called for help.

Watch (Warning: the video is disturbing):

Anderson, who was visiting Los Angeles for winter break, was a 10th grade English teacher at Digital Pioneers Academy in Washington, DC.

In a statement, the school said it was “deeply saddened” by Anderson’s death and described the details of the police encounter as “as disturbing as it is tragic”.

“Kenan is the third person to have been killed by the Los Angeles Police Department in 2023, and we are 12 days into the new year,” the statement notes, referring to the killing of 45-year-old and 35-year-old Takar Smith by police. Old Oscar Sanchez earlier this month.

Last year, US police killed at least 1,176 people, the highest number on record. a ReutersThe investigation published in 2017 showed that “more than 1,000 people in the United States have died after being surprised by police with tasers, and the stun gun was ruled to be a cause or contributing factor in 153 of those deaths.”

“The Keenan family deserves justice,” the Digital Pioneers Academy said in its statement. “And our students deserve to live, to live without fear, and to have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.”

Black Lives Matter co-founder Collors said in an interview Watchman that “my cousin was asking for help, and he didn’t get it. He was killed.”

Collors continued, “No one deserves to die in fear, panic, and fear for their life.” “My cousin feared for his life. He had spent the last 10 years witnessing a movement that challenged the killing of black people. He knew what was at stake and he was trying to protect himself. No one was willing to protect him.”

Summing up the video released by the Los Angeles Police Department, WatchmanSam Levine’s Sam Levine reports that “an officer who first arrived at the car crash at about 3:30 p.m. on Venice and Lincoln Streets found Anderson in the middle of the road, saying, ‘Please help me. ‘”

Levine recalled, “The officer told him to walk down the sidewalk and gave orders, saying, ‘Get up against the wall. ‘” Anderson raised his hands, and replied, “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry.” Anderson complied with the officer’s orders and sat down on the sidewalk. After a few minutes, he appeared interested in the officer’s behavior, saying, “I want people to see me” and “You’re putting something on me.” Eventually, Anderson began to flee, at which point the officer chased him on his motorcycle, shouting, “Get on the floor now” and “roll on your stomach.” Anderson repeatedly replied, “Please help me” and “They’re trying to kill me,” as several officers arrived and stopped him.”

In a statement released Wednesday following the release of the video, Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said she had “grave concerns about the deeply disturbing tapes.”

“Full investigations are ongoing,” Bass said. I will ensure that the city’s investigations only lead toward truth and accountability. Furthermore, the officers concerned must be placed on immediate leave.”

“Regardless of what these investigations determine, the need for urgent change is clear,” the mayor continued. “We must limit the use of force in general, and I have zero tolerance for excessive force.”

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