Three Israelis were killed in an attack in the occupied West Bank


At least three Israelis were killed and three others injured when a Palestinian rampaged near an Israeli settlement in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday.

The attack took place in several locations near the Israeli settlement of Ariel. The IDF and Israel’s Magen David Adom rescue service said a man first approached the security checkpoint at the entrance to the Ariel Industrial Zone and stabbed someone there, before running to a nearby gas station where he stabbed two other Israelis. One was pronounced dead at the scene while the other later succumbed to his injuries.

The attacker then stole a car and began driving on the highway, causing a multi-car accident that killed another Israeli, according to the IDF. After the incident, the attacker descended and stabbed more people, before an Israeli soldier on the scene shot and killed him, according to the IDF.

Tuesday’s deadly attacks bring the death toll on the Israeli side of the conflict with the Palestinians to 28 this year. This equals the death toll in 2015, the year of the so-called stabbing intifada, and makes this the deadliest year on the Israeli side since then, according to data from the Israel Security Agency.

This year was also the deadliest year for Palestinians in the West Bank since 2015. At least 146 Palestinian civilians and activists were killed in the West Bank in 2022, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

Israel claims most of the Palestinians killed were either suspected militants targeted in raids or people participating in violence against its forces, but dozens of unarmed civilians have also been captured, according to human rights groups.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the attacker as Muhammad Murad Sami Souf, 19, from the Palestinian village of Haris, near Ariel, where the attack took place.

The Israeli military said searches were underway for another person “suspected of aiding a terrorist”.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid condemned the “vile terrorist” who carried out Tuesday’s attack.

We are fighting terrorism relentlessly and with the full strength of the Israeli army, the Shin Bet and all security forces. We have recently dismantled vast infrastructures and organizations, but we have to wage this war every day anew. The outgoing Prime Minister said in a statement that our security forces are working around the clock to protect the citizens of Israel and attack terrorist infrastructure anywhere and anytime.

Tuesday’s attack comes a day after Palestinian authorities said a 15-year-old girl was shot dead by Israeli soldiers while she was riding in a car with a man who was later arrested by security forces.

According to the IDF, during an “anti-terror activity” in the West Bank town of Beitunia, “soldiers spotted a suspicious vehicle approaching them. The soldiers signaled the driver of the vehicle to stop, but he sped towards them. In response, the soldiers fired at the vehicle. The hits were identified. The incident under review.”

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