Time-changing digital images: the time machine feature

MyHeritage, a digital platform known for bringing life and movement back to old photos, is now launching a new AI Time Machine feature. This mixes together the technology of Stable Diffusion, an open source text-to-image tool with yet another AI image generator.

Together, they can turn your selfies into photorealistic images that depict time periods from the past. To create a more refined look, MyHeritage asks users to upload 10 to 25 photos in different settings and do different poses. Then, the system is able to photograph users in different historical eras. The platform tells DesignTAXI that “with just a few clicks anyone can see themselves as an ancient Greek warrior, an Egyptian pharaoh, a medieval knight, a Victorian lady, a 60s hippie, or an astronaut in space.”

Image credit: MyHeritage

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