Toyota GR Corolla Morizo ​​Turbo Review

This is not an ordinary Toyota Corolla

Think of the “GR” Corolla as Toyota’s answer to the much-missed Subaru WRX STI. It features a wild chassis, a high-performance 221 kW, 370 Nm turbocharged engine, intelligent all-wheel drive with driver-adjustable front-to-rear bias, and good performance features like sports seats, oversized brakes and locking. Manual transmission rank.

The Morizo ​​Edition goes even further with increased torque, BBS wheels forged with Michelin Cup tires in supercar-spec, and a frantic dedication to weight loss.

It has rear doors but no rear seats, no rear speakers or electric window motors, and no rear windshield wiper or parcel rack – changes that reduce mass by less than 50 kilograms and practicality by more than 50 percent.

What does morizo ​​mean?

Toyota President Akio Toyoda started “Gazoo Racing” as an unofficially manufacturer-certified race team for endurance events in 2007. Wanting to avoid public and media scrutiny, he raced as “Morizo,” using a nickname to fly under the radar. The GR Corolla Morizo ​​pays tribute to the company’s racing heritage and its automotive sponsor.

He. SheIt can cost $80,000 or more

Toyota has not released hot Corolla prices in Australia. We drove it in America, where a standard GR Corolla core costs $35,900 plus a $1,180 front and rear limited-slip differential that’s so essential to high-performance driving. The Morizo ​​costs US$49,900 plus drive costs on America’s roads, which suggests it won’t come cheap. Toyota says customers can forget about a deal similar to the car’s generous $39,900 order of the original GR Yaris — and it was a one-off special event to help establish the Gazoo Racing brand.

Morezo is exciting to drive

Lighter and sharper than the standard GR Corolla, the Morizo ​​proved to be a serious driver’s tool at the on-track launch event in Utah. There is less slack in the suspension that is stronger and lower than the standard car, resulting in more immediate responses to each input. Morizo’s precision is heightened by a particularly sharp front end that rewards precision driving.

More torque and less weight results in improved acceleration that amplifies additional volume from a three-headed exhaust that is not muffled by the rear seats.

The high-performance tires provide amazing stability at high speeds, and the massive brakes simply won’t give up. It’s more focused but less playful than the standard model, and it’s eminently serious compared to the rogue GR Yaris’ attitude. A lower seating position and improved visibility over the smaller car make the Corolla a worthwhile upgrade.

It won’t be easy to get one

Toyota Australia hasn’t locked down prices or exact specifications for the GR Corolla — or the Morizo ​​spinoff. Only 500 cars will arrive in their first year, or about two per dealer. Demand will outpace supply, which is why the brand’s vice president of sales and marketing, Sean Hanley, said Toyota will “manage the 500 very carefully” — without revealing details.

“We will definitely require merchants to qualify each customer,” he said.

“We want these cars to reach the enthusiasts.”

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