Two Canadian police officers have filed charges of misconduct after donating $50 or less to Freedom Caravan

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Two Windsor Police officers in Windsor, Ontario, are facing misconduct charges after they donated $50 or less to the Freedom Caravan for Canadian truck drivers who drew international attention earlier this year.

Police Jason Michael Briscoe and Brooke Physicos have been charged with misconduct under the Ontario Police Services Act in response to allegations that the couple donated $50 and $40, respectively, to the caravan, according to the Windsor Star. Briscoe appeared for a Zoom hearing on Monday.

The names Briscoe and Vasicas allegedly appeared on the list of hacked and leaked convoy donors last winter.

The convoy, which has protested national vaccine mandates through traffic jams in Canada’s capital Ottawa for weeks, has closed major border crossings between the United States and Canada, including the Ambassador Bridge, which connects Windsor, Ontario, to Detroit, Michigan.

Canadian Reebok Trudeau to invoke emergency law, other “tyrannical measures”

Police line up to prepare to enforce an injunction against a demonstration against COVID-19 restrictions that blocked traffic across the Ambassador Bridge, in Windsor, Ontario, February 12, 2022.
(Nathan Dennett/The Canadian Press via AP)

In a letter appended to his alleged donation, Briscoe thanked his fellow Canadians for “fighting for freedom at the base of the Sauron Tower,” a reference to the source of evil and oppression in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels “The Lord of the Rings.”

After the Windsor Police Department’s Occupational Standards Branch conducted an investigation, the department also punished a civil servant with one-day suspension without pay.

“Windsor Police condemns the actions of two sworn members and a civil servant who made donations to support the Freedom Caravan that denied access to Ambassador Bridge earlier this year,” the Deputy Chief of Police for Windsor said in a statement provided to Fox News Digital.

Freedom Caravan protester carrying a "hold the line" He took place while dancing in Ottawa, Canada.

A Freedom Caravan demonstrator holds a “Hold the Line” sign as he dances in Ottawa, Canada.
(Fox News Digital/Lisa Banatan)

“We hold our members to the highest standards of behavior, and those who do not uphold these principles must be held accountable for their conduct,” the vice president continued.

“By choosing to support an illegal blockade at our country’s busiest border crossing, these members have shown complete disregard for our city’s economy and reputation as well as for the safety of their colleagues who have been dealing with the volatile situation,” Providenti added.

Canadian crook truck confiscated, bank accounts frozen due to connection to Freedom Transfer

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently blamed climate change, mentally ill and drug addicts "Threats" against the politicians of the citizens.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently blamed climate change and the mentally ill and addicts for “threats” against citizen politicians.
(Dave Chan/AFP via Getty Images)


Canada and its political leadership made international headlines and drew widespread scrutiny for their crackdown on the truckers’ convoy. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the emergency law to quell the protests, which opened the door for the government to seize property and freeze the bank accounts of those involved.

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