Two kangaroos in a boxing match nearly kill a family on the mid-north coast of New South Wales

Two kangaroos are caught on camera having a violent boxing match and shockingly nearly killing an entire family sleeping peacefully in their tent.

In a popular Twitter thread started by a Channel Nine journalist, a video shows two kangaroos in a boxing match. The fight quickly intensified when the Australian Icons crashed into a sleeping family’s tent.

The video, filmed by a terrified onlooker at the Trial Bay Gaol Campground in central NSW’s North Coast, is heard warning his fellow campers and shouting “Don’t go near them!”

The family is heard in the tent, in what appears to be German, shouting “Get out!!” Among the high-pitched screams.

Channel Nine journalist Olivia Grace Curran said the two male kangaroos were fighting over a female kangaroo.

The footage brought an outpouring of reactions from Twitter users, with many stunned by the shocking boxing match between the animals.

One user exclaimed, “This will not help Australia’s image as a country overtaken by kangaroos.”

Another user exclaimed, “Fun fact: yelling at a kangaroo fight in German won’t make him stop because most of them don’t speak German.”

Others, meanwhile, weren’t surprised by the scenes depicted and excused them as normal Australian stuff.

One user said: “Just another day in Australia.”

Another user responded with the word “straya”.

Originally published as Boxing kangaroos fight it out and clear the family tent

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