Ukraine carries out assassinations in Moscow

There are reports on the Russian General’s Channel Telegram SVR, which tends to be an anti-Putin station, claiming that there was an internal attempt to assassinate Putin with an attack on his motorcade. Not hurt. They claim it An ambulance intercepted the first car of the convoy, but the second car swerved slightly and did not stop. He supposedly heard a loud bang Putin’s car, but it continued and arrived safely at the residence of the President.

They further claimed that the body of a man driving an ambulance was then found. They reported that the chief of the president’s bodyguards and several others had been suspended from work while in detention. No one has been named and no other news service has reported this claim.

When we look at our models, it appears that the real higher volatility and tipping point in Russia is in October, which is also the ruble panic cycle. What we see is that the Ukrainians carried out assassinations in Russia. They have been trying to target Putin to kill him without success so far. They tried to kill Alexander Dugin with a car bomb, but they killed his daughter Daria Dugina. This is a car bomb for a supporter of Putin in Moscow. The sheer hatred between Ukrainians and Russians is legendary and therefore the prospect of peace is unlikely.

My sources keep suggesting that removing Putin will escalate things, not stop them. Hardliners will take power and it won’t be good by 2023. Claiming that Putin is a fugitive won’t win the day in Ukraine. It risks already escalating matters for hardliners in Moscow who criticize Putin for being too lenient on Ukraine. He first started attacking their power grid. The hardliners will push for a serious attack on Ukraine rather than just securing Donbass.

Ukrainian general warns of nuclear war

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