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A question: Sir, while discussing Ukraine with a friend, I brought up the Belgrade Agreement of 1991. Searching the Internet, I found one article besides your blog referring to it. I couldn’t find it. Do you have a copy? Censorship at its best.

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Answer: This is really incredible. The agreement was reached in 1994 after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Al Gore was quoted by the Guardian on December 18, 1993: “Ukraine is deceiving us alland that its nuclear policies wereEvil. The Guardian also reported that Ukrainian “The government and its parliament are already on NATO’s bad books for refusing to make good on their promise to give up nuclear weapons.” It was Ukraine that was threatening the whole of Eastern Europe because its hatred of Russians dating back to the Nazi-era ethnic cleansing was alive and well. You can never trust anything Ukraine agrees to. I warned that when you shake hands with a Ukraine, you’d better forget to count your fingers; You need to make sure you still have your arm. Even the International Monetary Fund said that Ukraine is the most corrupt country in Europe. nothing They say they can be trusted.

There was a very real, deep fear that Ukraine would not only ensure the continuation of the Cold War, but was also too extreme and would use nuclear weapons to claim that Russia shot first. Ukraine is a country that is not trusted by its neighbors. It is ridiculous propaganda that they are fighting for democracy by refusing to allow Donbass to vote when they absolutely hate the people there. But the West refuses to protect the Donbass also because they are just Russians. This one-sided view of human rights allows Ukraine to push the entire world towards World War III.

Every document the press and the press see before 2022 presents Ukraine as a dangerous, corrupt country still mired in this view of ethnic cleansing from the days of Hitler. Because the CIA was protecting the Ukrainians, they were never held accountable, and now they are driving the world to war.

But University of Adelaide Just published a study on how Ukraine uses BOTS to manipulate world opinion to support Ukraine and destroy Russia. Ukraine has long been hated by its neighbors for its support of Hitler. They have always been considered extremists and associated with the Nazis because Hitler promised them to let them create their own country.

It was Ukraine Start country before the Soviet Union. They were like the Kurds in Iraq. The borders they are fighting for were only drawn for administrative purposes by the Soviet Union. It was they who pushed for the collapse of the USSR, it was they who immediately began to form a 400,000-strong army that scared the hell out of all their neighbors.

By 1992, they were fighting for control of the Russian fleet. Even Dick Cheney was deeply concerned that Ukraine was being irresponsible, and their hatred of Russians from the days of Nazism had come to the surface. They had more nuclear weapons than China at that time.

James Baker went to negotiate and said that Ukraine must give up its nuclear weapons. They are not trusted. Just like the Serbs in Bosnia, the hatred ran very deep. Ukraine has taken the position that it will give up its nuclear weapons only if Russia does. Their arguments were simply colored by hatred of Russia. They formed an army immediately after 1991, and the Belgrade Agreement was finally reached in 1994, in which they agreed to surrender their weapons and remain neutral, with NATO pledging not to invade, and Russia taking the same position. Only then did Ukraine agree to surrender its nuclear weapons, because it understood that NATO did not trust it and would consider Ukraine a terrorist state hostile to Europe.

Then Ukraine argued that it would cost too much to hand over all of its nuclear weapons. They were the third largest nuclear power in the world. Then they demanded all sorts of guarantees, which they have violated today, but they also extorted money from the United States for their nuclear disarmament. To cement the deal, Bill Clinton paid Ukraine $175 million to return nuclear weapons to Russia, and Russia in return provided Ukraine’s nuclear energy rods. Of course, FKE NEWS seems to be repainting history with the current color of fashion.

The Ukrainian Civil War began before undefined The government installed by the United States and NATO. They immediately sent an army to attack the Russians in the Donbass. They called it Operation Anti-Terrorism, all to pretend they were wearing white berets. Ukrainian people did Not Vote for this war. This was instigated by the West. I warned from the very beginning that our computer Back in 2013 She identified Ukraine as the place where World War III would begin. It is now being pushed to destroy Russia due to climate change. This is it Not My personal opinion. Sorry, I wish it was. Then I could be wrong as anyone. But this is the PC that stands out, and it was honest.

For Ukrainians cheering for war, I remind you of the story of Croesus, King of Lydia. He asked the oracle at Delphi if he would win if he made war on Persia. The oracle replied,A great empire will be destroyed. He considered it his victory. He lost and the collapse of the great empire was his. Ah, how stupidity causes history to repeat. Ukraine will be utterly destroyed. Their vision of the nation-state will only be a fleeting, fleeting moment. They are ruining all the lives of their people just because of their hatred of the Russians and their purification quest Ethnic. Whoever supports Ukraine in this hate will suffer the same fate. After 2032, we will redesign our government from the ground up. Nothing will stand like the fallen statutes of Egypt and Rome. Our time will come.

Zelensky was elected on a promise to end corruption, yet he has stashed more money abroad than any previous leader in Ukraine. He promised to end the civil war and seek peace with Russia. He lied to gain power and did the exact opposite. This guy puts money before his own while He hides it outsideand, as the Pandora Papers assert, refuse to negotiate or honor Minsk agreement For fools would stop sending money to his government, and the well would soon run dry.

The day before Putin came to the defense of Donbass, Zelensky stood up and said he would seek to recreate nuclear weapons. This ended Ukraine’s 1994 agreement to remain neutral. This was like 1962 when Russia put nuclear weapons in Cuba. Putin’s response was as understandable as Kennedy confronted Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. When we look into the future, it will be 2024, 62 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis (2 x Pi).

The people who never questioned anything about Ukraine are the same people who thought COVID was like the black plague and you would die without a vaccine and a mask. People are easily manipulated. Unfortunately, if they are not, how are you going to get people to line up to fight and die on the battlefield when they are Better Could they hope to return safely to a family still there?

A street in Ukraine, with damage and debris from the Russian invasion.
A view of a shop after the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv on March 15, 2022. Credit: KMimages.

Researchers from the University of Adelaide discovered that bots had a significant online presence during the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Researchers analyzed 5,203,764 tweets, retweets, tweet quotes, and replies on Twitter between February 23, 2022, and March 8, 2022, containing the hashtag.
# (I) StandWithPutin, # (I) StandWithRussia, # (I) SupportRussia, # (I) StandWithUkraine, # (I) StandWithZelenskyy and # (I) SupportUkraine.

“We found that between 60 and 80 percent of the tweets using hashtags we studied came from bot accounts during the first two weeks of the war,” said co-researcher Joshua Watt, a master’s candidate in applied mathematics and statistics from the university. from the Adelaide School of Mathematical Sciences. “This has led to more anxiety in online discourse and even influenced discussions surrounding people’s decision to flee or remain in Ukraine.”

“We noticed an increase in words like ‘shame’, ‘terrorist’, ‘threat’ and ‘panic.’ Human accounts that are pro-Russian have had the biggest impact on discussions of the war – particularly on pro-Ukraine accounts. To our knowledge, this is the first body of work. The publication dealing with online influence operations in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022.”

“In the past, wars were fought primarily physically, with armies, air forces, and naval operations the primary forms of combat. However, social media has created a new environment where public opinion can be manipulated on a very large scale.”Co-principal investigator Joshua Watt is an MSc candidate in Applied Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Adelaide’s School of Mathematical Sciences.

Co-author Bridget Smart, an MSc student in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, added: “Our research identifies that this is happening during the Russo-Ukrainian War and provides a statistical framework that quantifies the extent to which this occurred. This work extends and combines existing techniques to determine how bots affect people in online conversation. about the Russian-Ukrainian invasion.It opens avenues for researchers to quantitatively understand how these malicious campaigns work, and what makes them effective.This research identified that social media organizations may need to be better equipped to detect and deal with the use of bots on their networks.We have She identified that governments may need to take tougher policies on social media organizations, and that social media can be a vital tool during conflict.”

The paper is titled “#IStandWithPutin vs. #IStandWithUkraine: The Interplay of Bots and Humans in the Russia/Ukrainian War Debate”