Ukraine-Russia war updates: Horror images of Russian torture chambers

Warning: graphic content.

Horrific images of Russian “torture chambers” surfaced after Ukraine liberated lands in the eastern part of the country.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in his nightly speech on Saturday that more than 10 “torture chambers” have been discovered in different cities of the Kharkiv region.

“When the occupiers fled, they brought down the torture devices,” Mr. Zelensky said.

“Even at the regular Kozacha Luban railway station, they found a torture chamber, and they found instruments of electric torture,” he said.

The dark photos show steel cages allegedly used by the Russians to house prisoners in a basement.

It is alleged that Russian forces used the makeshift prisons to subject people to “inhuman torture”. Ukrainian officials claimed that Soviet-era cordless phones were used as a power source to shock prisoners.

Some images are too graphic to post.

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“The Russian army tortured people in the basement of the so-called ‘people’s militia’ in the town of Kozacha Luban when it was under siege,” the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement on social media.

Representatives of the Russian Federation created a sham law enforcement agency, in the basement of which a torture chamber was set up, where civilians were subjected to inhuman torture.

During the search, documents confirming the work of the pseudo-police department and the device with which the occupiers tortured civilians with electric shocks, were seized.

Electric shock torture

A harrowing account of torture in the town of Palakli by a resident who gave his name Artem.

He told the BBC that he was held by Russian forces for more than 40 days and tortured with electric shocks.

Artem said he heard other prisoners screaming while they were being tortured.

In an apparent move to spread terror, the Russians allegedly turned off the building’s noisy ventilation to ensure screams could be heard.

“They turned it off so everyone could hear how people scream when they get electrocuted,” Artem said.

“They used to do it with some prisoners every day… They even did it to the women.”

Artem himself was also tortured.

“They made me hold two wires,” he said.

There was an electric generator. The faster it is, the higher the effort. They said, “If you leave it, you are done.” Then they started asking questions. They said I was lying, and they started spinning it more and the effort increased.”

‘Violent deaths’

Meanwhile, a mass burial site was discovered after Kyiv forces recaptured the eastern Ukrainian town of Izyum.

The head of the Ukrainian regional administration said, Friday, that the vast majority of exhumed bodies showed signs of violent death.

“Of the bodies exhumed today, 99 percent showed signs of violent death,” Oleg Senegubov, head of the Kharkiv regional administration, said on social media.

He added, “There are several bodies with their hands tied behind their backs, and a person is buried with a rope around his neck.”

“It is clear that these people were tortured and executed.”

Meaningless attacks

The deterioration of the military situation of Russia in northeastern Ukraine.

Last week Ukraine launched a massive counterattack in Kharkiv Oblast, capturing the invading army by surprise.

The Russian armed forces were forced to retreat and Ukraine regained about 2,500 square kilometers of territory in the Kharkiv region.

Since then, Russian forces have carried out “meaningless offensive operations” around the city of Donetsk and Bakhmut rather than focusing on defending against Ukrainian counterattacks, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported.

Russian forces were attacking Bakhmut and various villages near Donetsk – areas of high emotional importance to the population of the Donetsk People’s Republic – but of little strategic importance.

In its daily assessment of the Russian campaign, ISW stated: “The Russians appear to be directing some of the very limited reserves available in Ukraine to these efforts rather than the weak Russian defensive lines that have been hastily thrown along the Oskil River in eastern Kharkiv Oblast.”

Russia also failed to accelerate sending large-scale reinforcements to eastern Kharkiv and the Luhansk region, leaving most of Russia’s occupied northeastern Ukraine severely vulnerable to ongoing Ukrainian counter-attacks.

Latest reports indicate that Ukrainian forces are expanding their positions east of the Uskil River and north of the Siverskyi Donets.

Their position could allow them to encircle the Russian forces around Lyman.

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