Ukraine war. Germany’s Schulze says the dangers of nuclear weapons have diminished

The risk of Moscow using nuclear weapons in the Ukraine conflict has diminished because the international community has “drew a red line” in Russia, according to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“One thing has changed for the time being: Russia has stopped threatening to use nuclear weapons,” the chancellor said in an interview published Thursday.

In his opinion, this is a consequence of the fact that the world community, including China, “draw a red line” for Moscow on this issue.

“For the time being, we’ve stopped that,” Schultz said, referring to the risk of a nuclear escalation.

Schulz believes his recent trip to China is part of the reason why the nuclear threat from Russia has been so clearly downplayed.

“During my visit to Beijing, we declared with Chinese President Xi that nuclear weapons should not be used. Shortly thereafter, the G20 countries reaffirmed this position,” Scholz said.

Asked about the recent controversy raised by French President Emmanuel Macron, who felt Russia should be given “guarantees” to find a good balance once the war in Ukraine is over, Scholz acknowledged that the question of security structure would arise in the long term. .

He said that “the priority for Russia is to end the war immediately and withdraw its forces. It is true that after that it is a question of how to ensure the security of Europe.”

“We are of course ready to discuss arms control in Europe with Russia. We proposed this before the war and this position has not changed,” he added.

After several threats to use nuclear weapons from Russian officials in recent months, Putin suggested on Wednesday that Moscow would only use nuclear weapons in response to such an attack.

“We are used to seeing weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons as a means of defense,” Putin said.

However, the Russian president said that “the risk of a nuclear war is increasing,” in light of the confrontation between Russia and the West over Ukraine, and he blamed the Americans and Europeans.

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