Ukraine war: power outages in Lviv and Moldova after new missile strikes

Mayor Vitali Klitschko said that new missile strikes on the Ukrainian capital Kyiv hit an “infrastructure” site.

A series of explosions were heard in the city and several other parts of the country on Wednesday afternoon.

The Ukrainian military claimed that at least one person was killed in the strikes. Claims can be verified instantly.

“One of the capital’s infrastructures has been bombed. Stay in the shelters,” Klitschko wrote on Telegram after hearing anti-aircraft sirens in the city.

“Several other explosions took place in different neighborhoods,” he added. “Rescue services and doctors are on their way to the affected places.”

Authorities in Lviv, western Ukraine, reported that “the entire city” was without electricity after new Russian missile attacks.

“There may be interruptions in the water supply,” Mayor Andrej Sadovy told Telegram.

Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Spino said Moldova also suffered a “major power outage” on Wednesday.

“As a result of the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian power system over the past hour, we have massive blackouts across the country,” Spino wrote on Facebook.

Russia has repeatedly fired at Ukraine’s infrastructure in recent weeks, leaving up to 10 million people without power, but has denied hitting civilian targets.

The latest strikes come after three people – including a newborn baby – were said to have been killed in Russian strikes on Zaporizhia and Kharkiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Moscow of “terrorism” and “murder”.

“Russia must be isolated at all levels and held accountable in order to put an end to its long-term terrorist policy in Ukraine and around the world,” he said on Wednesday.

The European Parliament voted to declare Russia a “state sponsor of terrorism” nine months after the start of the invasion on February 24.

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