Ukrainian President Zelensky has no “serious injuries” after a car accident in Kyiv

According to a statement by the press secretary of the President of the Republic, “a car collided with the car of the President of Ukraine and accompanying cars.”

She added that the paramedics accompanying Zelensky provided emergency assistance to the driver of the car and transferred him to an ambulance.

“The president was examined by a doctor and no serious injuries were found,” the statement added.

The authorities are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

Earlier on Wednesday, Zelensky visited the newly liberated city of Izyum in the northeastern Kharkiv region, five days after the city was retaken by the country’s forces.

Pictures on the Facebook page showed Zelensky’s military unit at a ceremony in the main square to raise the Ukrainian flag over the city’s administrative building. Hanna Maliar, Deputy Defense Minister, was also present.

“Earlier, when we looked up, we were always looking for the blue sky. Today, when we look up, we are looking for only one thing – the flag of Ukraine,” Zelensky said in a post on the presidential Telegram channel.

“Our yellow and blue flag is already flying in Izyum that has been wiped out. And it will be so in every Ukrainian city and village. We are moving in only one direction – forward and towards victory.

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