Ultra Lightweight Luxe Headphones: YH-5000SE

Yamaha introduces the new YH-5000SE headphones that elevate sound like a symphony with ultra-lightweight elements. It’s made with magnesium, which allows it to be a featherweight only 11.5 ounces, perfect for all-day wear. Additionally, to provide added comfort, the weight is evenly distributed across the layered headband to relieve any fatigue throughout the day for the wearer.

The ear cups come in two options to create a great on-ear experience – this includes either suede or sheepskin. Additional features include our signature Orthodynamic drivers which are the answer to planar magnetic drivers and, due to their lightweight sensitivities, significantly reduce sound distortion through the driver’s diaphragm. Finally, wired cables when eating have detachable OFC cables.

Image credit: Yamaha

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