UN: Is it worth all the money?

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People in New York questioned the effectiveness of the United Nations and the amount of money it was spending during the General Assembly at its seventy-seventh session.

“I’m not a fan of the UN,” a man named Elias told Fox News. “It is a corrupt organization that makes money.”

Giovanni, an Italian who moved to Brooklyn in 1977, made similar statements.

“I will tell you the truth: I don’t know why they exist,” he said.

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Giovanni, from Brooklyn, told Fox News he didn’t know why the United Nations was there.
(Tini Sahakian/Fox News)

The United Nations, made up of 193 countries, was formed after World War II to maintain its standing around the world and to develop friendly relations and coordination among nations, in accordance with the United Nations Charter. World leaders gather at the annual General Assembly in New York to discuss the important issues facing the world.

“I hope they do something,” Steve, a New Yorker, told Fox News. “I know there is a United Nations, and I know that world leaders meet almost every year.”

“Unfortunately, they either have a really bad press secretary, because we don’t hear about anything they’re doing, or they don’t do anything,” Steve said.

One of the men, Ronato, said he did not believe the UN was effective and that it should “do more”.

“I think it should be restructured somehow,” said one local, Brent.

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This year’s General Assembly will focus on the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis, climate action, and ending the COVID-19 pandemic. It will also include a special summit on issues such as equity, inclusion and quality in education.

“Maybe their goals are a little pretentious,” Brent said. “Set some realistic goals and see what can happen with that.”

While the United Nations has carried out 71 peacekeeping operations since 1947, in recent years the international organization has put its energy behind issues of social justice. It hosts the annual Climate Change Conference and has adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes goals such as eradicating poverty, ensuring equitable education and gender equality, according to its website.

World leaders gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York for the seventy-seventh session of the General Assembly.

World leaders gathered at United Nations Headquarters in New York for the seventy-seventh session of the General Assembly.

“I think they can do a lot more than they do,” Michael, one man, told Fox News. “They just sit and say to people, ‘Do this, do that,'”

“If they were the United Nations, they could come and help Ukraine a little bit more and not have the United States foot the bill for everything, whether it’s humanitarian aid, weapons, etc,” he added.

The United States contributed $11.6 billion to the United Nations in 2020, making it the largest donor, followed by China, Germany and Japan.

“I don’t think it’s worth it,” Brent said of America’s contributions.

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“In terms of how much is being spent and what they can produce, if it’s a private enterprise, we’ll have to get rid of it,” he added. “They have to declare bankruptcy.”

“I think we should contribute,” Michael said. “I don’t know what a crash is but like, Germany shouldn’t pay a fraction of what we do.”

Brent said that the amount of money the United States contributes to the United Nations is "Not worth it or not worth it."

Brent said the amount of money the United States contributes to the United Nations “is not worth it.”
(Tini Sahakian/Fox News)

Organizations within the United Nations spent nearly $30 billion in 2021.

“I haven’t seen or heard where the United Nations is responding to the United States,” Jackson said.

“It is not well spent,” Ronato added. “We must continue to support the United Nations, no doubt about that, but we must also demand more activity, more intervention in everything they do.”

Michael suggested that the United States allocate some of this money to domestic purposes.


“You can fix the homeless crisis, you can fix paid maternity leave,” he said. “There are a million different ways you can repurpose that money.”

However, Brent questioned the ability of the United States to effectively use taxpayer money.

“I have no doubt that if we don’t spend it there, we’ll find somewhere else to waste here,” he said. “It’s not like we’re doing a very good job with our spending right now.”

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