Updates on cases, hospitalizations and deaths

by calculated risks 11/18/2022 08:27:00 PM

Note: COVID stats are updated on Fridays.

On COVID (focus on hospitalizations and deaths). Data converted to weekly.

Note: Cases are down about 75% from the last peak, and deaths are lagging – so we may soon see fewer than 2,000 weekly deaths.

The number of weekly deaths fell to the lowest in July 2021 at 1,666.

COVID metrics
Currently week
New cases per week2 280711 289,884 35,0001
in the hospital2 21275 21,722 ≤ 30001
deaths per week2 2,222 2,347 ≤3501
1my goals to stop weekly posts,
2per week for cases, current patients, and deaths
Increasing the weekly number of cases, patients and deaths

✅ goal achieved.

Click on the chart for a larger image.

This graph shows the weekly number (columns) of reported deaths.

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