Used car wholesale prices fell 0.1% in July

by Calculated risk on 05/08/2022 01:45:00 PM

From Manheim Consulting today: Wholesale used car prices drop to the bottom line in July from seasonal adjustment

Wholesale prices for used vehicles (based on a seasonally adjusted mix and mileage) It decreased 0.1% in July from June. The Mannheim Used Car Value Index fell to 219.6, an increase of 12.5% ​​from a year ago. July’s unadjusted price change decreased 3.2% compared to June, resulting in an average unadjusted price change of 10.2% year-over-year.
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This indicator from Manheim Consulting is based on all completed sale transactions at Manheim US auctions.

The Mannheim Index indicates that used car prices fell slightly in July and rose 12.5% ​​year-on-year.

The change on an annual basis often gets smaller. This indicator rose 45% year over year in January.

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