Video: No comment on this week’s videos

This week, mourners came from across the country (and beyond) to pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II, in London’s Green Park, Belfast or Edinburgh.

Away from the noisy crowd, journalists met Mykola Gonchar, 58, and his mother, Nina, 92, the only survivors of the bombing in Bohorodhin, in the Donbass region, a village that Ukrainians and Russians captured and repeatedly recaptured at the front. Line.

Huge deposits of multicolored plastic, drawn by various tributaries, cover the calm waters of Lake Suchitlan in El Salvador like a blanket.

Finally, the French city of Toulouse has seen a new version of rugby: water rugby. To score an attempt on a floating platform that acts as a rugby pitch, you must dive into the waters of the Garonne River.

No agenda, no inclination. Get the picture without comment.

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